Manufactured at Goa plant, General flow elements are designed and engineered to meet process requirements in worldwide industries – largest chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries, fertilizers, metal and food, beverages, cement, pharma, OEM clients and many more.

Orifice Plates and flanges are designed in accordance with various international standards BS 1042, ISO 5167, ASME MFC 3M, AGA 3, AGA 8, RW MILLAR, L.K. SPINK, etc. Forged flanges offered based on international standards ANSI, ASME, DIN, JIS, BS, API, etc.

Orifice Plates and Restriction orifice plates with or without carrier ring , meter run assembly, integral orifice plates and assemblies

Orifice Plate Types: Square Edge Concentric, Eccentric, Segmental, Quadrant Edge, Conical Entrance Plates

Plate thickness: 3.18 mm, 6.35 mm, 9.52 mm, 12.7 mm as standard, other on request

Plate Material: SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L as standard. Hastelloy C, Monel, Inconel, Polypropylene (PP), PVC, PTFE coated, Stellite coated, other on request.

Orifice Flanges: available in forged construction Weld neck, Slip On, Threaded, Socket Weld with RF, FF, RTJ facing rated 150# to 2500# and higher on request, rated in accordance with ASME 16.36 for size upto 8” or male – female flanges in accordance with ASME B 16.5, ASME B 16.47 series A/B

For RTJ Flanges the plate is fixed on the plate holder. The plate holder softer than flange and acts as gasket.

Flange Material: SS316, A105, A182F11, A182F22, PP, PTFE, SS316L, SS304, SS304L, Hastelloy, Monel

Orifice assembly size and rating: ½” to 64” and rating 150# to 2500#

Pressure Tapping: Corner Tappings are recommended for sizes upt 1.1/2”, flange taps from 2” to 16”, D – D1/2 Taps for higher sizes

Gasket: CAF as per IS:2712 Gr 0/1, SS Spiral wound +CAF, SS Spiral wound + Grafoil, SS wound + PTFE are normally supplied as per process requirement. Other materials available on request.

Stud / Nuts: ASTM A193 Gr. B7 / A-194 Gr. 2H as standard, other material on request.

Jack Screw: ASTM A 193 Gr. B7 as standard, other material on request.

Testing: PMI, Hydrotest, Radiography, Flow Calibration, NACE, PWHT, IBR, Oxygen cleaning,   Dye penetration test, Magnetic Particle Test, HIC test, etc

Flow calibration Test Bench :General has designed in-house Flow calibration bench for calibration of flow elements upto line size 12”, calibrated under fluid mechanism standards of ISO 5167 and IEC 60534.

Certifications : CE, GOST R, IBR, etc.

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