Engineered to the specific designs for low, medium and high-pressure usage. The Needle Valves & Manifolds manufactured by General Instruments are available in a wide range of materials and designs. Based on specific client requirement, we can design different models meeting critical process applications.

Designed and manufactured based on ASTM / DIN / BS and other relevant standards depending on the client requirements. Suitable for applications for throttling purpose and straight shut off of liquids, gas or vapor service, direct use with tubes, isolation of lines, venting, sampling, etc and available with a variety of end connections and stem packing.

Stainless Steel – ASTM A 479, ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F316, ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F304L, Carbon Steel – ASTM A 105, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, other on request. Material with NACE compliance is available.

The gland sealing arrangements used in General Manifolds vary with the temperature requirement. The most common is PTFE for temperature upto 180 Deg C however for temperature above 180 Deg C to 270 Deg C graphitized asbestos is a common gland seal. Beyond 270 Deg C and upto 540 Deg C, graphoil can be offered.


bullets Integral Bonnet Screwed Endsbullets Integral Bonnet Double Ferrule Ends
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bullets  Screwed Bonnet Design Double Ferrule Tube Endsbullets Angle Needle Valves Screwed Bonnet Design
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