Float and Tape Level Gauge


  • Float and tape gauge are applicable for upto 50 bar pressure and upto 400 deg cent
  • NACE, H2S service compatibility applicable
  •  Applicable for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, radioactive, fertilizer, food, pharma, metal industry applications
  •  Options with switch version available

General Float and tape Type level Indicator is the version applicable for level indication system in Water, Furnace oil, Chemicals, Acids storage tank level measurement.

Available in two types:

  •  Guided Type
  •  Unguided Type


Float and Tape Level Gauge Manufacturers: Manufactured at New Mumbai plant, General level gauges are proven in worldwide industries – largest chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries, fertilizers, metal and food, beverages, cement, pharma and OEM clients.

Designed in accordance with ANSI, DIN, JIS and various other international standards, General offers tailor-made level gauges from forged bodies machined in special technology VMC machines, ensuring high strength and longer process life cycles.

Based on process parameters, various models and combination of design suitable from cryogenic applications to high pressure and high temperature available.

Type : Reflex Level Gauges, Transparent Level Gauges, Tubular Level Gauges, Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetic Level Gauge with Switch, Magnetic Level Gauge with integrated level transmitter, Chambers for Guided wave radar, Float and Tape Level Gauges, Float and Board Level Gauges, etc.

Material: CS to A105, SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L, Polypropylene (PP), Monel, Titanium, Inconel 600, Hatelloy C, others on request.

Special options: Auto ball check valve Isolation valves, Non-Frosting Extension, Heating Jacket, Mica Shield, Illuminator (weather-proof IP-67 / flameproof to Gr. IIA/ IIB, IIC, Klinger / Illmadur glass, SS316+PTFE lining / coated liquid chamber for Magnetic level gauges, Special float in Titanium for high pressure applications,

Testing: PMI, Hydrotest, Helium Leak Test, Radiography, IBR Testing, Calibration, NACE, PWHT,

Certifications: CE, GOST R, IBR, latest IP rated, SIL 2 for transmitters, etc


bullets Reflex Level Gauge bullets Transparent Level Gauge
bullets Tubular Level Gauge bullets Magnetic Level Gauges
bullets Float and Tape Level Gauge bullets Float and Board Level Gauge
bullets Chamber for Guided Wave Radar bullets Sight Flow Indicator