Instrument Fittings: General instruments has built reputation for manufacturing standard instrumentation / tube fittings as well as customized fittings based on client requirements and various process applications.

General Compression tube fittings are double ferrule type fittings which provide leak-proof, torque-free seals at the tubing connection. They provide safety and eliminates hazardous leaks of fluids in instrumentation field for a process, pressure, hydraulic and other applicable tubing systems.

bullets Front Ferrulebullets Back Ferrule
bullets Coupling Cap (Nuts)bullets Tube End Closure
bullets Fitting End Closurebullets Union
bullets Reducing Unionbullets Bulkhead Union
bullets Bulkhead Reducing Unionbullets Union Elbow
bullets Bulkhead Elbowbullets Union Tee
bullets Union Crossbullets Male Connector
bullets O Seal Male Connectorbullets Male Elbow
bullets 45 Deg. Male Elbowbullets 45 Deg Positionable Male Elbow
bullets Positionable Male Elbowbullets Male Run Tee
bullets Positionable Male Run Teebullets Positionable Branch Tee
bullets Female Connectorbullets Female Manometer Connector
bullets Bulkhead Female Connectorbullets Female Run Tee
bullets Female Branch Teebullets Male Adapter
bullets O Seal Male Adapterbullets Reducing Union Tee
bullets Bulkhead Male Connectorbullets Male Branch Tee
bullets Female Elbow