Pressure gauges are one of the most commonly encountered industrial instruments. It is not  possible for you to walk through the industrial site without encountering his instrument.


What are pressure Gauges?


Pressure gauges are instruments used to measure the pressure of liquid or gas. Many techniques and devices have been desired to measure pressure accurately. Traditionally pressure gauges were mechanical with an analogue device attached. However, today we have pressure gauges operating digitally also. 

In this blog, we will explore three commonly used pressure gauges in the industry today.

What Are The Types of Pressure Gauges?

  • Diaphragm pressure gauge:

What is a  diaphragm pressure gauge?

A diaphragm pressure gauge is a differential pressure gauge that uses a flexible membrane-like diaphragm to measure the pressure in a system. Because of the structure of the membrane, it is also referred to as a flexible membrane pressure gauge.

How does the diaphragm pressure gauge work?

In such kind of pressure gauge, there is a circular element (diaphragm) clamped made of steel or Inconel, welded between a pair of flange. The pressure deforms this diaphragm, translating into the pointer’s movement on the attached dial.  

 Application of pressure gauge:

Diaphragm pressure gauges are extremely useful for measuring low-pressure changes, even as low as 0.23psi.

Below is a list of the common application of diaphragm pressure gauge according to different scenarios.

  • Chemical and Power Plants
  • Fluid transport systems such as Pipelines
  • Laboratory
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Gas storage tank
  • Boiler
  • AC unit 
  • Medical equipment such as blood pressure monitoring gauges.

  • Bourdon Pressure Gauge:

What is a bourdon pressure gauge?

A bourdon pressure gauge uses a coiled shape tube to measure the pressure. Owing to the high-pressure range and high sensitivity to pressure changes, it is an ideal instrument to be used in industries that need real-time monitoring. This gauge is also relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making it a preferred choice of many industries.

How does the Bourdon pressure gauge work?

In such kind of pressure gauge, a semi-circular or coiled shape tube is opened to the atmosphere at one end. The pressure changes cause the tube to expand. The change is then translated to the pointer needle of the attached dial.

Application Of Bourdon Pressure Gauge

The Bourdon gauge has been in use for the last 100 years. It remains one of the standard pressure gauges. Below is a list of the common application of the bourdon pressure gauge according to different scenarios.

  • Cylinder & Pumps
  • Water treatment 
  • Power plants
  • HVAC systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Agriculture
  • Oxygen tanks and other medical equipment
  • Bellow Pressure Gauge:

What is a Bellow Pressure Gauge? 

The piston Pressure Gauge comprises thin metallic discs that expand or contract proportionately to the pressure applied.

How does the bellow pressure gauge work?

In the Bellow pressure gauge, one end of the instrument is sealed, and the other remains open. When pressure is applied on the closed part, the bellow moves, and the pointer attached moves to suggest the pressure. Two bellow pressure gauges are commonly used: single below pressure gauges and dual bellow pressure gauges. 

 Application of Bellow Pressure Gauge:

Bellow pressure gauges are suitable for measuring low to moderate pressure but are not recommended if an indicator is needed in high-pressure applications. Below is a list of the common application of bellow pressure gauges according to different scenarios.

  • Measure air in the system.
  • Measure oil in the system
  • Aerospace system 
  • Engine systems
  • Electrical interrupters

Choosing the correct pressure gauge instrument:

When you choose a pressure gauge, factors like the material’s durability according to the industry and the pressure type to be measured should be considered. Choosing the correct pressure gauge will be more straightforward if you select a manufacturer that provides you with varied pressure gauges.

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